The Evolution of Balanced and Organized

I am the founder and CEO of Balanced & Organized.  I began organizing before I knew that it was considered a skill, but it certainly came in handy when my family moved more than 20 times during my husband's 32 year military career.  Organizing our own moves and those of friends and neighbors helped ease the transitions for everyone.  It was something that I enjoyed and would routinely make a "sweep" of areas of my house when I noticed the buildup of toys, papers and clothes.

Along with the many moves, I earned a Bachelor's degree in accounting, a profession that thrives on organization, and later became a licensed CPA.  I have worked and volunteered in the areas of accounting and finance for more than 30 years.

Over the years I began to notice a direct correlation between the amount of "stuff" that accumulated and the amount of debt that accumulated, and I felt the tremendous stress that goes along with that on a personal level.  Even with my financial knowledge, there were times when we were maxed out on credit cards from accumulating things that we were convinced we "must have".  My two children also found themselves in that same trap when they went off to college and were enticed to open credit card accounts in return for free tee shirts, concert tickets and more stuff.

I became dedicated and passionate not only about helping my family restore a sense of balance to our lives, but helping people from all walks of life rid themselves of "stuff" (most often debt and clutter) that was preventing them from achieving what most of us want - a life that is Balanced and Organized.

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